October 1, 2022

Email Info on Hydatid in Livestock

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From: Will Graves, To: Clay Dethlefsen, Jim Beers, Dr. Valerius Geist



Clay, Note that e.g. eggs are also found in cattle. I think I remember once
you told me that some biologists in Montana/Idaho claimed that for some reason
cattle are not infected with e.g. eggs. Also I noted that Prof. Dr. Torgerson
had a sentence or two in one of his articles that cattle are also infected with
E.g. Will

From: Clay Dethlefsen To: Will Graves

Hi Will,

Yes the State and federal government vets and numerous private vets here stated and still state that Cattle are not effected by E.G. because their digestive system, which is a near duplication of Elk digestive systems, are not effective by the Sylvatic type of E.G. and only sheep are effected by the domestic strain. Of course numerous studies, especially from Australia have shown this stand to be nothing more than a “WIVES TALE.”

When I was briefing that the Australian Cattle market lost from 1984 through 2004 millions of dollars in the by product marketing of cattle organs due to Hydatid Cysts no one want to discuss this problem and how to handle it.

This was due to the perceived loss of cattle sales to our own markets if the word got out that our cattle were being exposed to E.G. eggs. In other words they did not want the truth to be told until someone found Hydatid Cysts in the vital organs of cattle.

This approach was just another of the Ed Bangs cloaked lies about Wolf overall impacts on domestic commercial animals and cattle, sheep, etc. losses that would bring the sheep and cattle industry to very formally and vehemently oppose the wolf introduction and management as a big game animal and not AS THEY SHOULD BE HANDLED AS A PREDATORY ANIMAL SUCH AS A COYOTE or fox.

When I gave my talks on this topic there were no formal disputes because these people/representatives knew that they could not win any scientific or layman discussion with me. Too, they did not want to elevate the topic so that those in the cattle and sheep business would take up a cause against wolves based on this factual situation.

In addition many of stockmen did not want their market to believe that their animals may be infected because they would lose sales in much the same way that they lost sales as a result of Brucellosis.
Now we are getting to the point where the E.G. eggs are so widely spread that cattle and sheep will so be found to have Hydatid Disease. As you may recall we gave a rather definitive timeline for this to begin to occur and we are now seeing so many elk with this disease and so many elk staying for long periods of time in cattle and sheep grazing areas with wolves now frequenting this same terrain that egg consumption will soon be unavoidable by domestic grazers.

When this happens we expect slaughter houses to start finding Cysts. The question is, however, will they report it or just try to cover it up. Thus, honest inspection by honest inspectors is a must, but questionable as to formal reporting, and we will still have to fight the human effect of Scolecies This is why I have already published my article of the effect of tape worm heads from Cysts to humans and the resulting development of Cysts in human organs..

In any event we still have a waiting period before Cyst impacts will be seen.


From: Will Graves To: Clay Dethlefsen

Clay, You are right on. I will keep surfing the internet for the facts. Hello to Doc. I used the pictures of Hydatid cysts in elk that he sent me in the presentation I gave in AZ. Thank Doc for the pictures, they are great. Will