December 6, 2022

Baiting Deer on the Rise in Maine

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Many people who don’t live in Maine don’t realize it is illegal to bait deer – period. When hunting, it is illegal to use anything that a deer can ingest to lure the animal toward your stand. A decoy is legal to use but few do.

Officials in Maine are saying that this abuse is on the increase. They say that partly because of the ease of finding items used for baiting in stores and on the Internet has contributed to this act.

It is extremely difficult to prove when somebody has been baiting deer but Maine officials are on the lookout.

Baiting deer in Maine has a negative effect on all hunters. Deer management practices in the state track this kind of activity and it is factored into the decisions of any deer permits issued and length of season to hunt. No matter what we do legally or illegally, Game Officials are going to work to regulate and maintain a deer herd of a certain size. If baiters continue to kill deer illegally, number of deer killed will rise and number of hunting days for the legal hunter will be decreased or some other method to counter the rise in deer mortality.

So, if you are baiting, I urge you to stop. If you know someone who is, turn them in. As always, it is the honest hunter who has to bear the brunt of expenses for enforcement and sacrifice their own hunting opportunities because of a handful of selfish idiots.

Tom Remington