February 7, 2023

No Surprises in MTV's Program About Guns

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Not that any sensible person would have expected differently, MTV aired its program of what they perceive as reality TV, about 4 people and how guns have impacted their lives.

CNS News carried the story yesterday, warning us the program would be on and this morning they critique the program. They did say that the two people who are law abiding and own guns were treated fairly but that was about as far as it went.

Is it any surprise? First of all, I would have suspected that a far left program such as MTV would present guns in two ways. One, as most antis do, that guns actively walk around seeking whom they may kill and two, from MTV land, you’d expect them to present guns as a tool for thrill seekers. After all, this is the same television network that has a program glorifying idiots doing obscene and dangerous acts – just for the fun of it.

Enough time spent on talking about a television program that I loathe.

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Tom Remington