January 28, 2023

Black Bear Blog Reader is Looking for Some Assistance – We Thought We Might Help

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One of our regular readers and a member at Maine Hunting Today Hunt Club, sent me an email the other day requesting help in gathering information about Maine’s hunting heritage.

Here is a copy of that email. At the end is his email address where you can contact him directly with information.

Dear Blog Reader,

I’m currently writing a curriculum framework for a new program
“Maine Master Hunter”. This program will be sponsored by the Maine
of the Izaak Walton League along with the endorsement of several other
outdoor based organizations..

I’m currently looking for articles, books and publications describing
Maine’s hunting heritage. If you are aware of literature that would be
helpful, please forward the information to me. Primary source material
Maine hunting stories and legends would be especially helpful. The
information will be used to support a section in the curriculum on
Hunting Heritage”.

Bill Richards – brichar2@maine.rr.com

Tom Remington