February 7, 2023

Mayor Bloomberg Says He'll Work For Tougher Gun Control Nationwide

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Oh, really! Has he lost control of New York City and figures he’ll impose his ineffective gun control laws on the rest of the nation?

A criminal is someone who commits a crime and a crime as defined in the dictionary is: Unlawful activity, a serious offense especially one in violation of morality, an unjust, senseless or disgraceful act or condition. Does this sound like someone who is concerned about the laws of the land? Why do people like Mayor Bloomberg continue to believe that passing more laws will stop the criminal? Try putting them in jail and keeping them there. That would be a novel idea.

Perhaps much of what the mayor is pledging is nothing more than feel-good rhetoric coming as part of his second inaugural address and invoking his sympathy on the families who have lost police officers in the line of duty.

One can only speculate that this kind of talk is what you would expect to find when someone is aligning themselves for a run at a higher political office. The only problem with this issue is it’s dead. It is quite clear that the vast majority of Americans want to arm themselves for protection, they want to see harsher penalties handed out to criminals who use guns, they want to see repeat offenders locked up and kept there and more and more citizens don’t have faith that police departments across the country will protect them.

The National Rifle Association is already promising to fight Bloomberg on this initiative as are lawful citizens, gun manufacturers and businesses involved in the sale of guns and associated products.

The mayor cites crime figures in his own city to try and justify the need for stricter gun laws, yet he and others refuse to use the same facts to understand what works and what doesn’t.

There were 3,303 gun-related arrests last year, up from 2,894 in 2004. This is good. That means more is being done to get gun toting criminals off the street. Do you think this had anything to do with more cops being on the street doing their job? How many times over the past year did police, along with Homeland Security, hit the streets in masses to thwart suspected terrorist activities? Could this play a role in those numbers of arrests? But more importantly, what did authorities do with these criminals after their arrests? Figures indicate most of them were back out on the street in short order – a liberal justice system that thinks criminals have the same rights as lawful citizens.

There were 540 homicides in New York City last year, police said, the lowest total since 1963. Again I ask why? It certainly isn’t because of making more laws to disarm the lawful people who want to protect themselves.

As we all know, statistics can be used to prove whatever we want to prove for our own personal agendas. Gun issues are no different but time and time again, the facts show that armed citizenry is the greatest factor in curbing violent crime. It is a deterrent to criminal activity. The same facts show that each time new laws are passed to restrict gun ownership, crime rises.

The bottom line here is Mr. Bloomberg needs to pay more attention on what goes on in New York City and get his own house in order before he goes about spewing his senseless ideologue on others.

Tom Remington