February 2, 2023

Who Wants to Move to Alaska to Educate Their Kids?

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I do! I do! Pick me, pick me! Perhaps if I were 30 years younger, I might consider the move, especially if these opportunities had been available back 30 years ago.

Kenai, Alaska Alternative High School is the site for a program that I would have given up everything – football, skiing, baseball, track, girls… well, let’s not get carried away – for a chance to have been a part of.

Six teenagers began their education in the classroom learning about moose, moose hunting and field dressing the animal. The classes will continue in the weeks ahead as the teens will learn about processing moose meat, the animals anatomy and putting the skeleton all back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

But first, they must get the moose. The Kenai Peninsula chapter of Safari Club International was able to get a permit for educational purposes for the class. They also had the help of the high school, the 4-H Club and the Alaska Fish and Game.

The students were not allowed to carry guns or shoot the moose but they would accompany the two hunters, Joe Hardy a member of the Safari Club and Larry Lewis, a wildlife technician for the Alaska Fish and Game Department.

The teens accompanied the two men on the search for a cow moose. The permit allowed the taking of a cow moose provided that moose did not have a calf.

The hunt was a success and all six teens jumped in and began the process of dressing the animal. They are learning the proper procedures so as not to contaminate any meat and more importantly how to utilize every part of the animal. While in the field, they began to study the anatomy of the beast and see organs first hand.

The lessons learned in all this cannot be valued. The students seemed to really enjoy what they were doing and got to learn about an animal that is very much a part of their everyday lives.

The moving van will be by the first of next week.

A big hat tip to MoldyChum for a heads-up on this story.

Tom Remington