March 21, 2023

What Does a Man Do With 351 Frozen Ducks?

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I’m not sure. I could say this story really “quacks” me up but that would be sick and a bad joke.

Ferris “Bo” Taylor of Pavo, Georgia done gone and got himself into some trouble with the law. A guide and dog trainer, he has been found guilty of guiding without a license, exceeding the possession limit on waterfowl (351 whole ducks in his freezer), illegal possession of hen pheasants and misrepresenting himself in applying for a North Dakota hunting license. Other than that, he’s above board.

Now he can’t hunt and trap for 12 years and was fined $8,775. He also loses his dog training privileges in North Dakota.

I may be wrong, but why do I get the notion Mr. Taylor ain’t going to stop hunting over the next 12 years?

Tom Remington