April 1, 2023

Minnesota DNR Announces Dates for Next Season Hunts

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The Minnesota DNR has announced tentative dates for next season’s hunts. Although the dates are tentative, game officials don’t think they will change.

The general small-game opener — including grouse, gray partridge, rabbits and squirrels — is planned for September 16th. The pheasant opener would be October 14th.

The prairie chicken season would run from October 21st through the 25th.

For wild turkey, the spring’s first season would begin April 12th. In the fall, the first wild turkey season would run from October 18th through the 22nd and the second season from October 25th through the 29th.

Bear season would open September first. For deer, the archery season would open September 16th, the firearms season November fourth and the muzzleloader season November 25th. The moose season would open in the northeast zone September 30th.

Mourning dove season would start September first and the early Canada goose season is tentatively set to begin September second.

The waterfowl season opener won’t be determined until the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service publishes proposed migratory bird hunting frameworks this summer.

Tom Remington