December 3, 2022

Deer Hunting License Fees

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I hear often from readers complaints about the rising cost of licensing fees for hunting. I took a little bit of time and went searching and comparing some prices of different state’s fees for whitetail deer hunting.

When you browse down through this list, each state will have a link for you to go and see all the different fees for whatever you want to hunt. Some states fees and licenses can get pretty complex and expensive while others have a very simplified licensing system and schedule of fees.

The list is a random sampling as does not reflect the lowest nor the highest.

Maine – Resident Big Game License = $21.00 Application cost added if you want to apply for a lottery chance at a predetermined number of antlerless deer permits. Special muzzleloader license extra.

Pennsylvania – Resident license = $20.00 Antlerless permit extra, muzzleloader permit extra.

West Virginia – Resident = $18.00 Antlerless deer permits $10 and up, muzzleloader permit extra.

Ohio – Resident = $19.00 plus $24.00 deer permit

Wisconsin – Resident = $24.00 plus bonus permits

Montana – Resident = $13.00 plus $8.00 whitetail permit, extra for antlerless permit.

A reminder. These prices are for whitetail deer hunting for firearm. In most cases, muzzleloader permits are extra. Prices vary for archery and other big game species.

You can go to any of the 50 State’s Fish and Game sites and find more of this information if you choose. This link will give you a list of all 50 states and a link to their web sites.

Tom Remington