January 27, 2023

Ohio Begins Apprentice Hunter Program

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In an effort to bolster the number of hunters in Ohio, the state overwhelmingly passed a bill to allow first-time hunters the opportunity to hunt without first taking a hunter safety course.

The subject of the hunter safety course has been a topic of discussion in many a sporting goods store throughout the U.S. with opinions varied and hardly able to reach consensus. Most people agree that the hunter safety courses offered in nearly all the states has proven effective and has probably saved lives but many feel it has become a deterent, stopping some would-be hunters from trying.

Ohio is perhaps the first state to institute this kind of program. For anyone who wishes to give hunting a try, they may purchase an apprentice license. An apprentice license holder must be accompanied by a licensed adult and could not hunt alone until after completing the required hunter safety program.

I think this is an excellent program and one that I am sure will spread like wildfire across many other states in the years to come. If as many say, the requirement of taking a hunter safety course is keeping new hunters from trying the sport, then a program such as this will definately help.

Tom Remington