September 28, 2022

Wisconsin's Right To Carry Will Be Decided on Tuesday

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A bill that was approved to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons in public places in Wisconsin, was sent on to Governor Jim Doyle’s desk for signing and he quickly vetoed it. The Wisconsin Senate put together a successful attempt to override the Governor’s veto in a vote of 23-10. The bill goes back to the general Assembly where an override vote will be taken on Tuesday. Many feel the Assembly has enough votes to complete the override.

Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states that have any kind of gun carrying legislation. Proponents are anxious to get the bill passed and opponents still, in my opinion, can’t come up with any good reason not to allow weapons carry.

State Assembly Assistant Minority Leader Jon Richards (D) Milwaukee, presented a report compiled by his staff called, “Not Welcome in Wisconsin: An Analysis of Concealed Carry Legislation”. The report is an attempt to disspell what they consider dangerous myths about guns and gun carrying but according to the NRA in an article in the Green Bay Press Gazette:

“the same old, tired misinformation from lobbying organizations that oppose an individual’s right to self-defense.”

David Hemenway, a professor of health policy at Harvard University and author of, “Private Guns Public Health” had some things to add to the argument.

….says much of the pro-gun lobby has based its arguments on research published in the 1990s that has since been found to have “serious reporting errors” and miscoding in its data analysis.

He cited a report by the National Research Council released last year in which a panel of scientists found no causal link between concealed-carry laws and crime rates.

In a telephone interview Friday, Hemenway said about right-to-carry laws, “You can definitely say that there is no good evidence that it has reduced crime.”

We all know that statistic can be manipulated to show whatever results we want it to show. Hemenway says there is no good evidence that having right-to-carry laws has reduced crime. Is there also no good evidence to show that crime hasn’t increased? Is there bad evidence that shows either up or down changes in crime?

As always, those opposed to gun ownership generally come from one or both of two areas – fear of something they know nothing about and their anger toward someone doing something they don’t like. But then you get politicians adding their lame reasons why Wisconsin shouldn’t have this bill passed.

Representative Thomas Nelson (D) Kaukauna had this brilliant response.

“I think the bottom line with this issue is this is a bill that’s going to do nothing to make health care more affordable, it’s going to do nothing to create jobs and it’s going to do nothing to make home heating costs more affordable.”

Where would we be if the majority of our policy makers approached their jobs with this kind of thinking? There are many bills that passed through the houses of politicians that have litte effect on many things. Is that reason enough not to pass them?

And of course citizens added their same old, same old into the mix. This response was made known via the Internet.

“I totally disagree with this proposal because even though you may have to go through training to get your permit to carry a weapon, training doesn’t mean that you’re not going to snap one day just because you had training,” said Kevin Spice of Green Bay, who cited the example of Chai Vang, a trained National Guard sharpshooter who was convicted last year of killing six deer hunters in Northern Wisconsin.

That’s true and I could make just as ingnorant a statement by applying that same logic to driving an automobile, flying a plane, or working in the Post Office.

Now more than ever, Americans are able to better understand why it is important for them to defend and protect themselves. Carrying deters criminals and provides individuals the ability to protect themselves when seriously threatened. Lawful, educated gun owners are not criminals. They do not use their guns to rob banks and kill innocent people. They simply want to protect and defend themselves, their families and their property and they should not have that right taken away from them by a small minority of scared people.

Tom Remington