December 5, 2022

The Relentless Onslaught By Anti-Hunters in New Jersey Never Stops

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Just when you thought the coast was clear, along come the dregs who will not give up until they get their own way – acting like spoiled brats. I will give them credit for one thing – they are determined, but not too smart.

The antis are proposing a bill in New Jersey to ban bear hunting, fund their animal rights agenda and strip the wildlife agency from its management authority.

Democrat Assemblyman Michael Panter of Red Bank introduced bill AB525. This bill would remove regulation of the bear from the Fish and Game Commission and the Department of Environmental Protection and place that control in the hands of a Black Bear Study Commission.

This Black Bear Study Commission, as proposed in this assinine bill, would be appointed by the Governor AND would have reserved seats on the board for anti-hunting and environmental groups including the Humane Society of the United States. No seats would be reserved for hunters, sportsmen or game officials.

Taxpayer’s money would be used to fund already proven to be non-effective means of birth control and a bear stamp program would be required to fund reimbursement costs of damages caused by the over population of bears to property owners.

This bill is one of the most absurd proposals I have seen coming from a group so brazen they actually think they can get this passed. It is clearly not an attempt in any positive way to help alleviate a growing bear population. It’s a socialistic program to reimburse property owners for any damages created by nuisance bears and at the same time, an attempt to further the agenda of anti-hunters – at the expense of taxpayers.

Please, residents, and in particular sportsmen, you need to contact your state Assembly person in your district and tell them how you stand on this issue. It needs to be stopped before it can even get out of committee. This group is hoping that you will give up and go away. We can’t let this happen.
You can contact your Assemblymen at this number (609)-292-4840 or if you visit the Legislative Action Center at the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance web site, you can find information there.

Tom Remington