November 27, 2022

More Information Coming in About Indiana Fenced Hunting

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I came across this article by Michael Eckert in the Port Huron Times-Herald about the fenced hunting going on in Indiana. In my previous articles (scroll for links) I stated my concerns about government controlling every aspect of our businesses in this country. I also stated that I believed that well regulated game preserves could operate safely and efficiently. I did not give details as to what I felt was “well regulated”.

With that said, and after reading this article and doing a bit more research, it is obvious that if the information contained in this article is true, there have been some serious problems being allowed to evolve that would lead any wildlife management institution to shut them down.
Most of the terrible things Eckert writes about concerns one deer farmer named Russ Bellar.

Bellar collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees from people, and don’t call them hunters, who killed deer at his fenced-in farm. Just so we’re clear. * The fenced enclosures weren’t hundreds of acres. They weren’t dozens. Bellar and his clients videotaped their adventures. In one, involving a well-known TV personality, the enclosure wasn’t bigger than my back yard. I hope you’re not a Jimmy Houston fan. * Beaters to make sure they kept moving past Bellar’s customers sometimes hazed deer. * For customers who were really slow to aim and shoot, deer were drugged. * Sick and dying deer were propped in front of killers who paid thousands of dollars to shoot them. Obviously, the guy with his finger on the trigger is sick or stupid, too.

If you have Flash 8 loaded on your computer, you can view a video about Bellar at Real-Hunter. This was the video that was used in convicting Bellar initially. They offer you the opportunity to download the software there. I had some difficulty getting it done, but be persistent.

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Tom Remington