November 29, 2022

West Virginia Still Investigating Animal Dump Site

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On January 31, 2006, I brought you this story about an illegal animal dump site near Capon Bridge, West Virginia. Over two tons of dead animal carcasses were removed from the Ritter’s Hidden Valley site. The health department thinks this mess could have caused a health risk to humans.

Metal tags along with paper documentation attached to some of the animals, have been traced to animal shelters in Virginia and Maryland. The animal shelters in question, all have had a contract with one common crematory in Virginia. Investigators believe that at the time the animals were dumped at this site, this particular crematory was inoperable.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation should contact the Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department at 304-822-3894 or the WV DNR Law Enforcement Section at 304-822-3551.

Tom Remington