January 27, 2023

Virginia's Many Hunting Bill Proposals

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Virginia’s current session of Congress is debating many Bills that will affect hunting, fishing, trapping and boating rules and regulations.

As with all these Bills, it is recommended that you get copies of the Bills in their entirety to completely understand the impact.
Here is a brief look at a few of the ones that would change hunting laws.

HB362 would change how the Department of Inland Game and Fisheries board is appointed. It would also create stricter guidelines on how to manage the board.

HB574 would establish a junior trapping license for those under 16. The cost would be $10.00.

HB150 would prohibit hunters with dogs from releasing their dogs onto posted private land for the purpose of pursuing game. This Bill will probably see strong opposition from the hunting dog groups.

Seems everyone has a proposal for some form of Sunday hunting. HB632 would allow Sunday hunting west of the Blue Ridge mountains.

HB711 would allow Sunday hunting by local options.

SB387, which has been tabled until 2007, would have allowed hunting on the first Sunday of bow season for deer, early muzzle loader deer season, and the general firearms deer season. Maybe next year.

SB718 would increase license fees by one dollar for residents, two for non-residents. The proceeds of that increase would go to Hunters for the Hungry – a private run organisation.

HB260 would increase the cost of a permit to hunt or trap in a state forest from $10 to $15.

HB6 would allow veterans who have served after 9/11 to get a license free for one year.

If you visit the Virginia Government web site here, you can get more information.

Tom Remington