February 8, 2023

Pennsylvania Bear Turns Out to Be a Record

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Andrew Seman of Dunbar shot a bear this season. He’s been bear hunting for 17 years only to scout out his deer hunting plans. But this year his bear was a bit different. It had an estimated live weight of 733 pounds. That was the heaviest bear killed in Pennsylvania this past season and eighth heaviest on record in the state.

But it doesn’t quite end there. On Wednesday his bear was certified to be the largest bear ever killed by a hunter in Pennsylvania. Its skull measure 14 and 9/16 inches long and 8 and 10/16 inches wide. That’s a total score of 23 and 3/16. The previous record was 22 and 14/16.

There is more. The Boone and Crockett judges panel will meet in April. At that time they may determine that the bear he shot ties with a bear killed by a hunter in California as the third largest bear killed in the world.

According to Boone and Crockett records, here are the top black bears ever recorded.

1. 23 and 10/16 – a black bear was found dead in Sanpete County, Utah in 1975. Cabela’s now owns the bear.

2. 23 and 7/16 – a black bear confiscated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission in Lycoming County in 1987 after it had been poached by hunters. The poachers then tried to claim it was legally killed in West Virginia. It is on loan to Cabela’s and on display in the Harrisburg store.

3. 23 and 3/16 – a black bear killed in Mendicino County, California in 1983

3. 23 and 3/16 – a black bear killed by Andrew Seman on state game lands 51 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania in 2005

Tom Remington