February 2, 2023

VP Cheney Accidently Shoots Hunting Partner

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Over the weekend at a ranch in south Texas, Vice President Dick Cheney accidently peppered a hunting companion with bird shot. A group of three men, including Cheney and Harry Whittington, stopped the car they were driving in because they had spotted a covey of quail. All three men got out of the automobile.

It appears that Whittington brought down a bird and went to retrieve it in the tall grass. In the meantime, Cheney and the third hunter – no identity at this time – headed further off as they had seen another covey of quail.

When Cheney was preparing to shoot as the group of birds flushed, Whittington came up behind the two hunters and did not let anyone know he was there. When the birds flushed, Cheney followed one bird to get a shot and unfortunately, Whittington came into the line of fire and got peppered with bird shot on the right side of his face, neck and chest.

Whittington was not seriously injured and was being treated at a local hospital. Both Vice President Cheney and Harry Whittington are experienced, long-time hunters and friends.

Tom Remington