January 29, 2023

From A to Z, Cheney Becomes "Duck" Food

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The accidental shooting of Harry Whittington over the weekend at a south Texas ranch has opened the door and all the fools are running rampant. This event has succeeded in epitomizing the extremes of emotions, from hysterical laughter to down right anger. We’ve been subjected to “expert’s” analysis on the sport of quail hunting and displays of blood thirsty anti-hunting and anti-gun groups. In short, we are witness to the complete spectrum of commentary.

Let’s face some facts. First of all, the instantaneous outpouring of jokes was a result of the fact that it appears that Harry Whittington was not seriously injured. Let’s not visit what would have happened in the event of death.

History has shown us that Presidents and VEEPs are notorious for becoming the butt end of jokes when they screw up. Witness, Jimmy Carter’s killer rabbit, Spiro Agnew hitting someone with a golf ball, Clinton’s Monicagate, Dan Quayle’s inability to spell potato potatoe , er, never mind that one, the elder Bush’s encounter with vomit and now we have Dick “Duck” Cheney.

History buffs ran to their libraries and rediscovered that the last time a Vice President shot somebody was back in July of 1804, when Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton.

Here’s a brief or not so brief, overview of the A to Z gamut on reactions to Dick Cheney’s screwup.

Jay Leno said that the snow was so bad in Washington D.D., Cheney shot a fat guy thinking he was a polar bear.

Letterman said the worst part of the hunting trip was that Donald Rumsfeld refused authorization of body armor.

The shooting has been described as “a result of faulty evidence”.

The Wyoming Governor reportedly said he would be proud to hunt with Dick Cheney…..cautious, but proud.

Howard Dean is screaming about Cheney breaking the law and says he is no different than Aaron Burr.

There are countless opinion pieces this morning, many that are taking the issue seriously speaking about the “no laughing matter” when it comes to guns and hunting.

There are experts, who of course weren’t there and no very little about what really happened, spouting their knowledge about hunting ethics and who made what mistake and why it was Cheney’s fault or why it was Whittington’s fault.

The same experts are telling us the history of birding hunting accidents and how rare they are.

Some writers want Cheney arrested for breaking the law. It seems that he was supposed to have purchased a $7.00 license to hunting quail in Texas.

Others add this to their list of reasons why both Bush and Cheney need to be impeached.

The New York Times went to work immediately to dig up as much dirt as possible on Harry Whittington.

The anti-gun people are dancing in the streets.

Some of the media are so upset and obsessed with what Cheney is attempting to hide in his secrecy of not running to the press before getting medical help for Whittington.

And yes, believe it or not, there are once again, those who are speculating that this is another Karl Rove work of genius in finding a way to get Cheney out of his Vice Presidency, and still maintain some decency, while at the same time strategically move Condy Rice into his position to get her ready for the 2008 Presidential nomination.

So there you have a brief look at a cross section of Americans and how they view a simply, yet unfortunate, hunting mishap.

Tom Remington


I couldn’t resist putting this up here once I found it.

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I also found reference to this entire incident refered to as “Birdshotgate”.