June 5, 2023

Update on Harry Whittington

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Harry Whittington, the Texas lawyer who was the victim of an accidental shooting by friend Vice President Dick Cheney, remains in a Corpus Christie hospital being watched closely. Doctors say Whittington is not in any serious danger. A pellet from the birdshot created what doctors are calling a “silent heart attack” meaning basically that a pellet moved into or near the heart causing some fibrilation and irritation. He is being given antibiotics and is being monitored for any further movement of the pellet.

Doctors say Whittington will be fine and this is a non-operable condition.

Meanwhile, the district attorney in Kenedy County, Texas where the accident took place says that there is no need to launch a further investigation into the shooting. He says all indications say it was an accident.

Both Cheney and Whittington were issued warnings for not having a specific upland bird permit that is a new requirement the state of Texas inititated about 5 months ago. For those of you already wondering if the two are being given special treatment, a spokesperson for the Texas Parks and Wildlife said that warnings are the rule of thumb as most hunters are not aware of the new permit system. If they pay their $7.00 for the permit, only a warning is issued by authorities.

Tom Remington