September 23, 2023

The Anatomy of a Hunting Ignorant Politician

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I have brought you several stories here about the state of Wisconsin’s attempt to pass a bill that will lower the minimum age to hunt from 12 years to 8. I am not going to debate this issue. What I am going to do is debate the stupidity of politicians who open their mouths on issues they know absolutely nothing about as well as display their overall ignorance in general.

Pat Kreitlow, a former news anchor at WEAU-13 TV in Wisconsin, is running for the 23rd District Senate seat in November. He has opened his mouth and revealed his true colors on the issue of lowering the hunting age. I will share some of his comments with you.

These quotes come from an article written by Jeremy A. Jenson in the Chetek Alert.

Kreitlow says that citizens of Wisconsin need to ask bigger questions. And what is this BIGGER question?

“It’s not that the issue is good or bad; in my mind, it’s a matter of priorities,” says Kreitlow. “Instead of tackling tough issues that impact everyone – education, property taxes, campaign reform, the health care crisis – they’re talking about stuff like this.”

Well said! NOT! Gobbledy Gook from a politician who has no direction and to make matters worse, he has done something probably an eighth grader would have learned while campaigning for student council. He refers to debate on lowering the hunting age “stuff like this”. Oooh!

“We need to talk about the issues that are going to impact real people in their everyday lives,” says Kreitlow.

Yikes! Strike two. Real people? Oh, man! The father who strongly knows his 10 year old can and should be with him in the woods, isn’t a real person? My guess is Mr. Kreitlow never walked in the woods, say nothing about hunted. Hunting heritage is huge in Wisconsin and other states. Sorry, Mr. Kreitlow, this bill impacts a lot of real people in Wisconsin. Are you sure you want to be a Senator from Wisconsin?

But he gives it another shot. Afterall, he’s got one more strike but he may not get another at bat in this ballgame. He says there is no consistency – I think refering to state government in passing laws. Read this.

“It’s ironic, really, that the very same week they’re taking up the bill about requiring booster seats for children until their 8 years old, they’re also talking about lowering the hunting age to eight,” says Kreitlow. “What they’re saying is that in order to be safe, a child has to stay in a booster seat until they are 8 years old, and then we’re going to turn around and send them into the woods with a loaded gun. Where’s the consistency there?”

If all of Wisconsin was that stupid, I would have to agree. I happen to know one person from Wisconsin and I think they are smart enough to know not to vote for Kreitlow. There is quite a bit of difference between riding in a car and going hunting with dad. I’ll go hunting with anybody’s dad before I’d ride in a car with my dad – much safer.

Of course Kreitlow’s true colors come shining through loud and clear when he inflames his statement with rhetoric saying that this bill would send an 8-year old kid into the woods with a loaded rifle.

It is obvious Mr. Kreitlow is one of those who doesn’t think his constituancy is smart enough to raise their kids the way they see fit. He doesn’t understand the real people of Wisconsin and he is sending the message to his voters that unless he has an issue that he feels strongly about, it is not worth pursuing.

My point is this. Hunting, fishing, trapping and all related matters, are all very important, high impacting issues in Wisconsin. Unless Mr. Kreitlow’s Senate District seat doesn’t go beyond the bounds of the steel city, he doesn’t have a chance in hell at getting elected.

Tom Remington

*update* As soon as I finished this piece, I realized that the same newspaper that wrote the article also has an editorial supporting Kreitlow’s point of view along with a few other inflammatory comments.