February 6, 2023

Utah Bill to Carry Loaded Gun in Car on Hold

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A Bill in the Utah State Legislation that would allow anyone over the age of 18 to carry a loaded gun in their car, has been put on hold only after the Bill was nearly killed. Currently, it is lawful to carry a gun in your car but it has to be unloaded and cannot be concealed. The new law would allow the gun to be loaded and either encased or on the car seat.

Surrounding states allow for loaded weapons but there was emotional and inflammatory comments that have played a part in slowing this Bill up. Some of the negative comments have come from businesses claiming they have the right to keep a safe workplace and from the inflammatory rhetoric we always hear about gun possessors going mad and killing anything in sight.

Some lawmakers had some concern about the age factor but didn’t seem too concerned about dangerous weapons and crime rate. This Bill may proceed slowly in the next few weeks.

Tom Remington