December 6, 2022

Lion Paws Made For Walking

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Mountain lions travel long distances. Young lions around 10 – 18 months typically leave their mothers and search for an area to establish themselves. Lions are a solitary creature and often, particularly the males, will travel great distances to find some territory not occupied by another lion.

Recently, a hunter in Montana killed a mountain lion that had been radio collared in South Dakota nearly three years ago. From where he was shot to where he was collared, the straight line distance was 450 miles.

This mountain lion was one of 65 collared by South Dakota game officials in an attempt to learn more about their dispersal habits. One lion had traveled 667 miles into Oklahoma and met its demise by being run over by a train.

When lions leave the area where they were collared, the only way that officials can know where the animals travel to is by hunters or others notifying the proper authorities when one is killed.

It is a legal requirement to report this and game officials ask that anyone finding one to please let the authorities know.

Tom Remington