February 3, 2023

Florida Adds Crossbow Hunting Season

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At the first meeting of 2006 of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, several changes were approved for next seasons hunting rules and regulations. One of the new rules created a crossbow-only hunting season for private lands to run five days in the South and Central zones and seven days in the Northwest Zone. It also allows hunters to use crossbows on private lands during statewide muzzle-loading gun seasons and the Northwest Zone’s 11-day archery/muzzle-loading gun season.

Officials say a change in the quota hunt application process will help to simplify it. New changes are in store for wild hog hunts. They have broadened the opportunities in wildlife management areas.

A statewide snowgoose hunting season was approved and they moved the canvasback duck hunting season to the last 30 days of waterfowl hunting.

Tom Remington