December 3, 2022

If You Litter, You Lose Hunting and Fishing License

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Missouri is cracking down on litterers. If you’re caught littering, you have to face the judge. If found guilty you’ll undoubtedly pay a hefty fine plus court costs. And then, to kick you while your down, they’re going to take away your priviledge to hunt and fish for one year. So, you better think twice before discarding that trash.

If you think that is bad, just wait. It gets better. They grind your face in the mud.  Missouri belongs to the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. In short what that means is if you litter in Missouri, not only can’t you hunt and fish there, but you lose your priviledge in 21 other states. Those states include Kansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Tom Remington