October 5, 2022

When Night Turns Into Day

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Birds sing all night, bats fly in masses, some dissappear, snakes are all gone……These are some of the things going on in our world that many of us pay little or no attention to. Scientists have been looking into some of the reasons some of these things happen and have come to the conclusion that light pollution is the major cause.

Nocturnal animals rely on darkness to hunt their prey or to migrate to different areas. When there is too much light from city lights, etc. many times the animals simple move away. The light affects feeding habits sometimes causing some species to change their diet taking valuable food away from another. Light saturation at night is contributing to wildlife habitat shrinkage. What can be done about it?

If this is a subject that you might find interesting, as it does affect us all including hunters, here’s an article that sheds a bit more light, if you’ll pardon the expression.

Tom Remington