December 2, 2023

A Hog of a Florida Hawg

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Rod Davis sent me this picture and a brief story behind the picture. The guy in the picture is reportedly Larry Earley who lives about 30 miles from Orlando in Okahumpka, Florida. He has about 20 acres of fenced land and a few cows and horses. His neighbor has a larger ranch and complains to Earley that wild hogs keep raiding his cattle grain feeders and salt licks.

Earley saw what he thought was a cow stuck in his pond one day and when he went out to investigate, he met up with this hog. As any good farmer would do, he had a pistol in his truck. After the hog had charged him once, he went to retrieve his gun. He was charged again and the hog met his demise.

As you can see, this hog’s feeding habits at the cattle feeders done him pretty good over the years as he tipped the scales at over 1100 pounds. A wild pig weighing in at around 400 pounds would be considered a big hog by Florida standards.

Florida Wild Hog

Tom Remington