February 3, 2023

Family of Man Killed by Wolves Still Awaiting Autopsy Results

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Back in January, I brought you the story of a young man named Kenton Carnegie working through his college on a project near Points Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is believed through evidence at the scene that Carnegia was attacked and killed by wolves.

It has been four months now and still the family is waiting for the results from the Canadian government’s official coroner. It is those results that make the cause of death official and the family is waiting in hopes that the results will help to force some changes to be made in the area where Carnegie was killed.

One of the issues is a local dump site that is unregulated and locals there say the wolves find the dump an easy feeding ground which brings humans and wolves into contact with each other.

One would think four months is ample time to get results from an autopsy. If it is proven true that Carnegie’s death was the result of wolf attacks, it would be the first time in North America that someones was killed by wolves in a natural habitat situation.

Tom Remington