December 3, 2022

Indiana Preserve Hunting Ban Still Being Debated

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It’s becoming a long drawn out affair this debate on what to do with about 12 businesses in Indiana that have hunting preserves. Aside from the arguement about how the preserves are being run, some members of Congress think these businesses need to be compensated for losses that are going to occur by being shut down.

Under a different administration, these businesses received the blessings of DNR to open up. A new director of DNR, Kyle Hupfer, took over the reins and declared the hunt preserves illegal and he would shut them down with the backing of the Governor.

Several bills have been proposed to deal with this issue and finding common ground to resolve it seems troublesome for sure. The House first presented a bill to phase out the preserves over a 7 year period of time. That was defeated. Now, added language to another bill to compensate the owners has been removed.

It still appears that regardless what Congress does, the preserves will be shut down. The only issue is will there be any compensation or time given owners to recoup losses.

The hunting preserves affected in this debate involve mostly deer hunting and larger game. There is a bill – Senate Bill 77 – that is beginning to make its way through the House that would shut down quail and pheasant hunting preserves in Indiana by the year 2013.

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Tom Remington