November 27, 2022

Oregon Looking to Change Elk Hunting Rules

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Here’s a story that seems to be getting old reporting on. Humans develop more land, building their homes and move further out chewing up wildlife habitat, then they complain about the wildlife they have encroached upon.

And so it goes. In Oregon, elk have become a problem to some residents and they don’t want hunters in their area to reduce the number of elk. Sound familiar?

A proposal to make an area in north Lincoln County safer, would ban rifles for elk hunting and limit it to shot guns and archery. The proposed area would extend from Cascade Head south to Highland Estates, around the east side of Devils Lake to Drift Creek and Anderson Creek Roads and then south to the Siletz River.

The problem now, as related by officials with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, is there are too many elk and not enough room for them. As more land is eaten up through development, the elk are forced into smaller habitat areas. Officials say that the Scott Mountain management area, located in north Lincoln county, can support about 1500 elk in its 450 square mile space.

Now with less tools to reduce the herd, ODF&W is being forced to trap elk and find someplace to transport them. Other methods of elk reduction have been tried and they either don’t work or are too costly. So, officials will try to corral them up and truck them  someplace else.

Those who attended the public hearing appeared to be mostly land owners in the area and most in attendance thought the proposal was good. If the plan is approved, the changes would take affect for the next fall elk hunt.

Tom Remington