December 5, 2022

Connecticut Town To Decide on Deer Hunt

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Oh, have I written stories about this subject and in particular this one little town in south central Connecticut called Ridgefield. I was told by a resident of Ridgefield a few years ago, that when she took her children trick or treating on Halloween, they were met at the door by tuxedo-wearing butlers serving the kids one-pound chocolate bars on silver platters.

Hundreds of towns all across America are faced with the same dilemma that Ridgefield, Connecticut is – No, not one-pound chocolate bars, too many deer in town. There has been a hunting ban in Ridgefield for quite some time. A while back, the town formed a study group to see what could be done about the problem. Many tactics have been tried from sharpshooters with bows to birth control but nothing seems to work. Or maybe they haven’t tried anything long enough to know.

The latest conclusion by a 19 member deer study group, by a vote of 18-1, was to allow controlled hunting on some of the town’s land. In working with the wildlife department, it is thought that a 200 acre town-owned parcel on Pine Mountain would be a good place to start.

Opponents of this method of deer control are saying that hunting should be a last resort – some think it should never happen – and they say that all other methods haven’t been tried yet. I think the one method they haven’t tried yet is lassoing them and riding them bronco style out of town. They would also need to sit down with each deer and reason with them and tell them not to come back.

One opponent from town says that, “I oppose deer hunting because it is ineffectual, unnecessary and if arrow hunting is included, it is cruel”.

Tonight there will be a public hearing at the Veterans Park School. Officials from the state wildlife department will be on hand to clear up some untruths that have been spreading around and to answer other questions residents may have. Perhaps they could send their butlers in proxy.

After the public hearing, officials plan on scheduling a time where all residents will be able to vote on the proposed plan.

Tom Remington