October 2, 2022

W. Virginia Will Opens Some State Parks to Deer Hunting

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The West Virginia Legislature just approved a bill that will allow Department of Natural Resources officials to institute deer hunting seasons in some state parks. Only parks overrun with deer and large enough to accomodate hunting would be allowed.

Some of West Virginia’s state parks like, Twin Falls Resort, Cacapon Resort and Pipestem Resort, are in need of thinning the deer population. State parks in this state have been closed to hunting but officials say there is a need to do something about it. The legislature has given the DNR the go ahead to start tightly controlled hunts.

Hunts will be from tree stands only and choice of weapon will be determined by DNR prior to the hunt depending on the park and its location. The numbers of hunters allowed in the parks at any one time will be strictly regulated as well as the length of the season. More than likely the season will be late in November when state parks are used the least.

Selection of hunters and permits will more than likely be done by lottery.

Tom Remington