January 28, 2023

A Different Affect From Illegal Aliens

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In Arizona, a group of volunteers headed by an organization called Hunters Who Care, went to work recently cleaning up the desert. The area near Three Points is a mess. The majority of it caused by illegals crossing the U.S. – Mexican border. When the illegals cross the border, they often spend quite a bit of time in the desert of this region leaving behind tons of trash and human waste and effects. Not only is it unslightly and disgusting, it is very harmful to the environment and the wildlife that inhabits the desert – deer, quail, javelina and coyote to name a few.

Hunters Who Care was founded by Lance Altherr of Tuscon. In 2002 a handful of volunteers, together with Altherr, banded together and began removing and cleaning up trash. Since that time, estimates are the groups have removed 129,000 pounds of trash. That’s almost 6 1/2 tons!
A group of cub scouts from Pack 299 in Oro Valley spent over 4 hours bagging trash. All participants earned their “world conservation” merit badges.

A big hat tip and a huge thank you for this selfless act to clean up the desert. All  animals will be safer and the environment cleaner. Who says hunters aren’t conservationists?

Hopefully something will be done to solve an ever growing problem with illegal immigrants.

Tom Remington