January 27, 2023

Waking Up Uglier Than A Bear

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Grizzlies are awakening from their winter hibernation and they might be real hungry. Bears have already been spotted roaming around Yellowstone and up the North Fork Corridor west of Cody.The male bears generally arise first, followed by the female and their young cubs. One thing that bears do when the awaken is immediately begin their search for food. Authorities are saying that the grizzlies may have a hard time finding winter killed deer and elk because of the mild winter. This may force the bears into looking for food elsewhere upping the chances for human-bear encounters.

Last year there were 110 human-bear meetings resulting in 7 bears being killed. Officials are urging people to be aware of the bears being up and to do the necessary things to prevent them from landing at their homes looking for food.

Tom Remington