December 2, 2023

Pennsylvania Politicians Searching For Votes By Pushing Pro-Gun Legislation

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In an election year, politicians will do most anything for a vote. Many pols in the Keystone state are facing tough challenges in re-election bids, so they are looking for support among gun owners.

There are two bills proposed in this session of Congress that are considered pro gun legislation. One bill sponsored by Rep. Steven Cappelli (R) Lycoming, is a similar bill that is being passed in several other states. It is often called the “no retreat” bill, which clarifies when a homeowner can justifiably defend themselves, their families and property by using lethal force.

A second bill by Rep. Darryl Metcalfe (R) Butler, would do away with a 10-year law that allows the state police to keep a database of information on anyone who purchases a hand gun.

Co-sponsors are adding their name to the list in hopes of mustering up some support from the gun owners and groups across the state. The politicians and gun rights groups are urging their followers to get out and vote.

Tom Remington