February 5, 2023

Indiana Hunting Preserve Owner Wins One Battle

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Rodney Bruce, owner of Whitetail Bluff, won a small battle in court with Judge H. Lloyd Whitis, ruling that Bruce’s business can continue to operate at least until the lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Natural Resources plays out.

The ruling comes after a lawsuit was filed by Bruce against the DNR. Last year the DNR announced, after giving some hunting preserves permits to open, that it was making high-fenced hunting preserves illegal and that they would force existing businesses to shut down.

Attempts by the legislature to amend a bill to phase out the closings or to offer compensation to the business owers, all failed.

The ruling is a temporary order that allows Bruce and others, about a dozen, to stay in business while the lawsuit runs its course. It could take better than a year to do this. Some believe the case will never see the courtroom, that a settlement will come first.

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