September 23, 2023

Idaho Wants Permission to Kill Wolves

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Idaho officials say that there are too many wolves in a pack roaming in the Lolo Pass and Clearwater River Valley Basin in northcentral Idaho at the Montana border. The problem they say is the mortality rate on a struggling elk herd from predation by the wolf. Officials can’t get the elk herd to a level that is considered satisfactory because too many wolves are killing the elk.

To reduce the numbers of wolves, Idaho has to get permission from the U.S. Fish and WIldlife. In the southern portions of Idaho, the state now controls most of the wolf management but north of Interstate 90, which is where this area is, management still remains with the federal government.

Before permission can be given, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife needs to do a scientific study to prove or disprove a study conducted by the Idaho wildlife officials. This could take several months and then, it is quite likely the process would get mired in court battles from animal rights groups.

And speaking of animal rights groups, it was brought out in one article I was reading information about the process of delisting the wolf. During that process, which puts management of the wolf into the hands of the states, there is a comment period where the public has an opportunity to offer input. During this period, the feds received more than 42,000 comments from the public. All but 682 of the comments were received as the result of a campaign organized by the animal rights group Defenders of Wildlife out of Washington, D.C. All those comments opposed delisting the wolf.

While the elk herd continues to suffer, animal rights groups will allow the suffering and inhumane death of one species to save another. Makes no sense.

Tom Remington