February 5, 2023

Some Decoys Are Just Too Good

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A man and his son went turkey hunting in Mason Valley Wildlife Refuge in Nevada. They got some decoys set up, along with a blind. The two went in to wait for a tom or two. Evidently the two got a bit sleepy and began to doze off – shame on them.

All hell breaks loose, when from behind them a mountain lion came charging by the blind to attack the decoys. The father touches off a round from his 12-gauge shot gun. He thinks the blast frightened or disoriented the lion. The lion turned and charged the two in the blind.

By the time the father got a second shot off, the cougar was at point blank range – he estimates about 8 feet. The pattern of the shot gun blast that killed the cougar was the size of a silver dollar – that was close.

In case you were wondering, the father who killed the cougar was licensed to do so, although not well prepared. He said it was the first time he had ever encountered a cougar in 30 years in that refuge.

Tom Remington