September 28, 2023

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Tom Gone?

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Ah, the magic of technology! By the time you read this, I will be well on my way to a photo shooting outdoor expedition. I did my homework so as to provide you with new and informative reading material. I can post a day and time I want my stories to publish and I can sleep in if I choose. Today, I am up and gone long before 5 a.m.

Maine Hunting Today’s chief photographer, Milt Inman and I, and we might even drag writer A. Sayward Lamb along with us, are headed for the Green Swamp Wildlife Management Area in central Florida.

It is spring turkey season here but we will not be turkey hunting – for shame, for shame. We have been there before taking pictures. Of course it is every photographers dream to find that one picture. If Sayward goes, I’ll have him do the calling and we’ll see if we can get some toms to come near and have their picture taken.
Who knows what we’ll find and what kind of pictures we will get but it is an outing that should be fun. I might even get some video to share too.
Oh, man! I love my job!

Tom Remington