September 22, 2023

The Continued Debate on Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania

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There has been much debate in recent months about deer hunting in Pennsylvania. At issue is the dissatisfaction of many hunters as they claim there aren’t enough deer to hunt anymore. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is trying to reduce the deer herd to what they call better managable levels. In recent years, the commission has been issuing more antlerless permits.

Hunters who are used to seeing many deer each day they hunt are not seeing the numbers they used to. Game officials have been encouraging hunters to change their hunting tactics. The debate continues as the date nears when Pennsylvania officials will set hunting season dates and decide on how many permits to issue for the harvest of antlerless deer.

This morning the Public Opinion of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania has a sampling of opinions from hunters across the state. These responses are about deer hunting and why they think the number of deer is less, what officials should do about it and whether they like it or not. The samplings are not scientific in anyway that I am aware of and were selected by the editor. It is interesting to read the cross section of thoughts and ideas.

Tom Remington