January 29, 2023

Washington's Starving Elk in Loowit Wildlife Refuge

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Loowit Wildlife Refuge is located near Mt. St. Helens and is the site for wintering elk. Officials claim the refuge can handle 400 animals through the winter months and this year there were about 600 elk which presented a problem – not enough food.

A local television station, KATU 2 out of Portland, Oregon did a story about the problem. You can view the video here.

This is one reporter’s perspective about the problems with starvation. He does talk with a couple of Washington wildlife biologists. The video is short and I’m sure the information is incomplete but if you pay attention you will notice the video shows what some people expect from wildlife management.

The question being raised is, did the wildlife management people act soon enough and do enough to avoid starving some animals to death. You decide.

Tom Remington