November 30, 2022

Hatred And Fear of Guns Drives Ignorance of Thought

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Scott Gunderson of Waterford, Wisconsin owns a gun shop called Gundy’s Sport in Wind Lake, Wisconsin. So what, you might say. Gunderson is also a State Representative to the Wisconsin Legislature and people are complaining that he shouldn’t be making policy and sponsoring bills in Congress that affect guns and hunting. Last year Gundy’s sold about 50 guns total along with associated ammo and accessories.

Gunderson sponsored a bill to lower the hunting age in Wisconsin to 8. And you think this will directly affect his business? The way people think about guns and hunting issues, it may hurt him but it certainly won’t make him another million dollars – or maybe his first million.

What is wrong with people? Because his business involves guns and hunting related stuff, he shouldn’t be making laws that might affect that? If that were the case, who are we going to put in the Legislature? Legislatures of our states are made up of people from many walks of life – farmers, lawyers, car salesmen, gas station owners and yes, even gun shop owners.

The Wisconsin state Ethics Board recently agreed by saying that Gunderson’s investments and size of business aren’t large enough that any decisions he makes or bills he sponsors, would have a direct benefit to him and his business.

Tom Remington