June 6, 2023

Spring Turkey Hunting in Missouri

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Today begins the regular spring turkey hunt in Missouri but you got to make sure you have all the right permits and permissions.

The season opens today and runs through May 14, 2006. Hunters need a valid Missouri hunting permit, including a resident or non-resident turkey permit, a landowner resident or non-resident turkey permit or youth deer and turkey hunting permit.

Make sure you are certified with a hunter education class. Bag limits are as follows:

Two male turkeys or turkeys with visible beard may be taken during the season, with the following restrictions:
You may only take one turkey during the first week from April 24-30.
If you do not take one during the first week, then you may take two during the second or third week from May 1-14, but you may not take them both on the same day.

A resident turkey hunting permit is $17.00 as well as a youth deer and turkey permit. Non-resident turkey permit is $145.00 and non-resident landowner turkey permit is $75.00.

Gobble, gobble and good luck!

Tom Remington