November 27, 2022

Delaware's Deer Problem, Farmers and Hunters

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Delaware’s farmers are taking a beating from crop damage. There are so many deer in some areas that crop damage is costing agricultural businesses millions of dollars annually.

Rep. John C. Atkins, (R) Millsboro, has introduced House Bill 387 which would let farmers shoot deer that are damaging their crops no matter what time of year.

It is completely understandable that farmers need to protect their crops. What I don’t understand is why better management plans aren’t put in place to allow hunters the opportunity to reduce herd sizes. I’m sure farmers have better things to do with their time than dealing with shooting and disposing of deer they’ve had to kill.

If there aren’t enough able and willing hunters in the state of Delaware to resolve the problem, then other methods should be employed. This doesn’t mean prohibiting the farmer from protecting his crops but here’s an example of having the means in place to solve a deer overpopulation problem yet not utilizing it. Sounds a bit spiteful to me.

Tom Remington