June 5, 2023

Lives Outside of Hunting and Fishing

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Sometimes we all become so engrossed in the aspects of hunting and fishing that we often forget or fail to realize that some of us have a life that isn’t 100% meshed into these two things.

This holds true for a couple of guys that are contributors and supporters of much of what me and my son Steve do at Maine Hunting Today, Maine Fishing Today, the Black Bear Blog, the Daily Bag Limit and Blogging the Outdoors.

Sayward Lamb has been a writer, hunter and fisherman since Columbus arrived a few years ago and simply loves to spend his time outdoors. Aside from all this, he is a proficient bird carver and has done many award winning carvings.

Sayward decided he would like to share with all of you, a story about a life-sized carving of a great blue heron he finished recently for his daughter. Here’s the link to the story.

Another guy who has been helping us out over the past few months, is Jack Duggins. Jack wears many hats, some of which are Registered Master Maine Guide, outdoor writer and prospector. He often is called Mad Jack but one of his e-mail addresses begins with mainegold.

It’s springtime everywhere and for those who don’t live in the northeast and in particular Maine, spring is really like being reborn. Everything is thawing and life is beginning to reveal itself one more time. It is spring fever time and Jack is itching real badly to get out and do his bass fishing and get digging in the dirt looking for some gold and other gems.

Jack has shared a story with us called, “Spring Diggin’ 2006”. Here’s the link to his story.

Thanks Sayward and Jack. We all appreciate your sharing with us all.

Tom Remington