February 7, 2023

A Chance To Bring New York Out of The Dark Ages

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The state of New York prohibits youths under the age of 16 from hunting big game, even if supervised. They may in fact be one of the last if not the last state to get with the program and promote a safe and family oriented activity to get kids out hunting at earlier ages. Twenty six states have no minimum age requirement at all.

But that might be showing some signs of melting away. There are two bills floating about the state legislature. In the Assembly A1815 and in the Senate S1536 would allow 14 and 15 year olds to hunt big game while under adult supervision.

If you want to get involved and have your say, here are some contact information numbers, etc.

* Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, Chairman, Assembly EnCon Committee: 625 LOB, Albany, NY 12248; phone, 518-455-5192; fax, 518-455-4921; e-mail, dinapot@assembly.state.ny.us.

* Senator Carl Marcellino, Chairman, Senate EnCon Committee: 812 LOB, Albany, NY 12247; phone, 518-455-2390; fax, 518-426-6975; e-mail, marcelli@senate.state.ny.us.

Tom Remington