December 8, 2022

Feds Want to De-List Gray Wolf in Wisconsin

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Now that the gray wolf population falls somewhere in the 450-520 range, by biologists estimations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is taking public comment before making a final ruling as whether or not they should remove the midwestern gray wolf from the endangered and threatened list. By doing this, responsibility for management would fall back on the state. The USFW would have to approve a wolf management plan as part of the de-listing process.

This discussion comes at a time when wolves are presenting themselves as a problem in some parts of the state. With less stringent guidelines, the state of Wisconsin could better control the population and growth of the wolf to better meet the needs of the citizens there through hunting and trapping.

Reports of a troublesome wolf in the Wisconsin Dells region has citizens concerned. A wolf has been spotted several times there and witnesses have reported the wolf has attacked a cow calf and a dog, neither of which was killed. Officials are attempting to trap the animal. It is unclear what their intentions are once they succeed in trapping it. Animal rights groups are asking the wolf be released to a sanctuary. Others want it killed.

Tom Remington