December 4, 2022

One Step Forward – Two Steps Back

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Maybe it’s my attitude today but for the life of me I am getting a bit perturbed to say the least with ignorance and now laziness.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Commission is considering passing a law that would allow anyone to hunt from a vehicle, provided the vehicle was stationary and on private property. That in itself is absurd but there’s more. The reason for consideration of this law stems from discussions about creating the law for handicapped hunters.

Most states have exceptions and permissions to provide opportunities for handicapped persons who want to hunt – i.e. hunting from a vehicle, like an ATV or truck while sitting still. Because officials “don’t want to be hassled” with determining who is eligible to be considered handicap and who isn’t, the lazy way out is to just make it legal for everyone to hunt from a vehicle.

Are these commission seats elected or appointed?

Tom Remington