May 28, 2023

Calling Toms Can Also Call Unwanted Prey

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Bill Tippett, of Kentwood, Michigan, was out turkey hunting with his son and nephew on Tuesday. As they sat waiting on the approach of a good meal, from out of nowhere, as Tippett describes it, a bear came charging at them. Tippett’s nephew, Tyler Smith, said everything happened so quickly that it is a bit sketchy as to exactly what happened. He said he was glad his uncle reacted quickly.

Smith was sitting under a tree about 5 or 6 feet from Tippett when the bear attacked. It charged directly at Smith. Tippett shot the bear and as he tells it, the bear rolled about three times and came to a stop under the same tree Smith was sitting under. The bear began to get up again, so Tippett shot again and the bear ran off into the tall grass nearby.

It is not bear hunting season and needless to say, Tippett did not have a bear permit but officials have no reason to believe that Tippett will be charged – except by the black bear.

Tom Remington