November 28, 2023

Politics and Wildlife Management – A Nasty Combination

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Politics has always been a nasty profession to be in and if you can lie, cheat and steal and have thick enough skin, it sounds like that would be a good profession to be in. Then there’s wildlife management. We all know better than anyone else what is best for our wild creatures but we do pay educated scientists to do their best to look out for them.

When you combine all the ingredients into one big cauldron, sometimes you get a stew that will light you hair on fire. This kind of cooking takes place all across America to some degree. Sometimes the meal preparation can go on for years and years, long before the table is set and the meal is served.

Here’s an article that pretty much is a good example of how nasty things can get when politicians, lawyers, scientists and citizens all get involved in raising elk.

Tom Remington