January 28, 2023

Are Our Officials Deliberately Starving Game Animals As Part of Management Policy?

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Clark Allen of Jackson, Wyoming is a member of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission. He contends in a letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency that oversees the National Elk Refuge outside Jackson, that elk were intentionally starved to death to further a political agenda. Refuge manager Barry Reiswig calls Allen’s accusations “ridiculous”.

Is this true? Are our officials doing this instead of using traditional methods of elk management like hunting and relocating the animals? I certainly hope not but it appears that a larger than normal number of elk, particularly calves, died this past winter while at the refuge. It should be noted here for those not familiar with the refuge, the elk are fed here and therefore the elk congregate in large numbers.

Hunters have long complained that they want more opportunities to harvest elk and the pressures put on management officials to maintain higher numbers for tourists and spectators are mounting.

With Allen’s letter to USF&W, hopefully it will prompt an investigation into the allegations. We cannot have officials starving game animals when there are far better methods of managing game herds.

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Tom Remington